How Much Do Koi Fish Cost?

If you’re interested in becoming the proud owner of your very own koi fish pond, you should know that the overall costs associated are a prime consideration to make. Put simply, there are various prices that come with owning your own koi fish pond. While you may be wondering how much the koi fish themselves cost, you should also bear in mind the costs associated with building your koi pond. Once you have a better idea of the average prices you should expect to come with owning your own stunning koi fish pond, you’ll be able to make the right choices for your individual needs.


Today, Koi Fish USA will be walking you through all of the components that make up the cost of owning your own koi fish. As koi ownership becomes increasingly popular, more people are wondering whether they can afford to purchase the equipment required, raise their koi fish, and maintain a reasonable level of upkeep. That’s why we’re doing all of the math for you to help you answer the question, “how much do koi fish cost” once and for all. Let’s get started!

The Koi Fish

The first thing you should know before purchasing your own koi fish is that they are long-living fish which require a lot of maintenance. Unlike a goldfish that you might pick up at your local pet store on a whim, koi fish require a lot from you physically, mentally, and financially. That being said, don’t let this deter you from pursuing your dreams of becoming a koi fish owner.


As any serious koi pond owner will tell you, there are many benefits of owning koi fish. Koi ponds are often created and designed to bring a relaxing and peaceful energy to homes. In fact, koi fish owners have reported relaxation, stress relief, and higher property value to be just a few of the major benefits of owning a koi pond. These benefits can be yours when purchasing koi fish and building your own koi pond!


So, how much should you expect to pay for koi fish? Put simply, the koi fish itself varies in price. While the average cost of most koi fish is around $100, these prices can be a lot higher (even reaching as much as many thousands of dollars). There are various prices impacting the price of koi fish including:


  • The genetic lineage of the fish (fish originating from a highly valued genetic line are more expensive)
  • The size of the koi fish (the larger the koi, the more expensive it is)
  • The fish’s color pattern
  • Where the fish comes from
  • Whether the fish are purchased in bulk or individually
  • The variety of koi


Here at Koi Fish USA, we offer the purchase of both individual koi fish and koi packs. While our individual koi fish generally range from $40 to $300, our koi packs allow you to fill your outdoor pond or aquarium with more than a single fish all at once. If you’re curious about the price range you can expect when purchasing from Koi Fish USA, you can shop our huge selection of individually priced koi fish here.

The Koi Fish Pond

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about how much koi fish cost is the cost of the koi fish pond itself. After all, you need a good environment to host all of your beautiful koi fish! The average 6-foot by 8-foot koi pond costs $11,000 with prices ranging anywhere from $9,000 to $13,000. That being said, a smaller, more basic koi pond may cost only $500. At the same time, a custom koi pond equipped with many landscape and design features may cost $50,000 or more. There are various factors that impact the overall price of building your koi pond. When setting your budget for this project, you’ll want to consider the following:


  • Excavation prices: Between $1,500 and $5,000 on average.
  • The cost of regrading your lawn: $2,000 on average, although this price is sometimes included in excavation.
  • The cost of installing landscaping: $4 to $10 on average per square foot.
  • Plumber rates for rerouting or setting up lines to your koi pond: Can range between $45 and $200 per hour.

The Cost of Koi Fish Pond Installation

If you’re looking to save money on the cost of your koi fish pond’s installation, you may find a prefab koi fish pond to be a better option. These cost anywhere between $450 and $3,000. If you go with this option, however, it’s best to keep in mind that prefab koi fish ponds don’t offer as much opportunity in terms of customizing the design. Prefab companies typically include installation in the price but you’ll still have to pay for the koi fish separately.

The Cost of Equipment and Upkeep

Finally, when asking yourself how much koi fish cost, you’ll need to keep the cost of equipment and upkeep in mind. On average, you should expect to spend $3,150 per year on koi fish pond maintenance. That being said, small ponds that are less intricate will cost slightly less to maintain. The costs involved include basic annual maintenance, water filter cleaning, a winter check-up and the replacing of parts. When it comes to cleaning, you may pay only $990 but rates will vary by area. It’s best to call a pond cleaning service near you for an exact quote.


Besides the pond itself, there is a lot of equipment you’ll need to buy to maintain your pond. A koi fish pond will require a filter, heater, UV sterilizer, multiple pumps, and various other items. These items all cost between $300 and $500 with a high-quality filter costing over $1,000 in most cases. Considering the fact that koi fish can produce a lot of waste and you’ll want to keep them in the best health possible, you’ll want to invest in a quality filter. Feeding your koi fish is, luckily, relatively inexpensive and costs around $5 per month. Miscellaneous items such as water testing kits cost roughly $50 per month.

Budget-Friendly Koi Fish for the Koi Fish Pond of Your Dreams

Now that you know the costs associated with being a proud koi pond owner, you’re probably wondering where to find the best koi fish. At Koi Fish USA, we understand that buying a new koi fish for a pond is the highlight for any koi fish hobbyist. Still, with all of the costs associated with a koi fish pond, we know that remaining within your budget is important. That’s why we offer budget-friendly koi fish for your supply.


Our koi fish are the safest, healthiest, and best quality fish that you’ll find. We specialize in koi and butterfly koi, with our experts safely delivering them directly to you no matter where you are in the United States. Shop our selection today to find the best koi fish for your new pond. When you shop smart, you can find high-quality koi fish at reasonable rates. That’s our passion here at Koi Fish USA!