We are aware that due to potential KHV outbreaks that some of our customers are experiencing losses of both fish they have received from us and fish already in their collection. We are committed to helping our customers restock their ponds.  Below are the details on how we are able to provide assistance in restocking

Who Is This Program For? 

Any customer who received fish between April 22nd, 2024 and May 10th, 2024, and has subsequently lost those fish or there previously existing fish collection due to a suspected or confirmed KHV infection. If you received fish prior to April 22nd, 2024 and think you have been affected please email us any positive test results you have received.  As of today, 6/4/2024 we have not yet found any evidence suggesting anyone prior to this date was affected. 

How will I be compensated?

Customers will be issued a one time store credit for all fish lost or euthanized fish as a result of receiving potentially infected fish between April 22nd and May 10th.

How Do I Get My Store Credit?

Email sales@koifishusa.com the following details, completed as fully as possible

  • Itemized list of all fish that were lost (size, variety, color, etc)
  • Photographs of each fish against a ruler to verify size
  • Photographs of each fish viewed from the top to show pattern and quality
  • Fin type (Koi or Butterfly Koi)
  • Breeder or country of origin 
  • Your estimated replacement value of each fish
Once we have received and reviewed your submitted information, we will contact you to discuss the total value in store credit you will receive. We are committed to providing you with a fair value for the fish that you have lost. In the event that we cannot reach an agreement based on your estimated valuation, each party will have 30 days to forward the claim to a reputable professional koi retailer of their choosing and receive a valuation. Koi Fish USA will issue and the customer will accept store credit in an amount equal to the average of these two valuations.

How and When Can I Make My Claim?

You may submit all information as soon as you are ready to make your claim. To work as efficiently as possible, we ask that you submit all information at once if possible. Claims must be submitted by December 31st, 2024.

How Many Claims Can I Make?

Each customer will be entitled to one claim for each fish lost. We will send the total value for all of your claims as one store credit.  Please note that if we have already refunded you for fish purchased from us between April 22nd & May 10th we will not issue credit for these losses.

How do I use the credit?

You will be issued a gift card code containing your credit amount. This code will be entered at checkout as the payment information prior to submitting the order as per usual. You do not have to use the entire credit at one time and you can also apply a credit card to pay any remaining balance above the credit amount.

How Long is the credit good for?

There is no expiration. You do not have to use your credit until you are ready. You may wait until 2025 or beyond if you prefer. 

How do I know when I am ready? When is it safe to add new fish to my pond?

Any remaining fish that survived the infection may be carriers of the virus and reinfect any new fish you add in the future. We will not be liable for any reinfections as a result.  It is recommended that you euthanize any remaining fish and sterilize your pond before adding new fish.  We can provide further advise on this process. Please contact us if you need instruction.